The following is a list of our growing community programming:

1. The Shofar Factory, High Holiday Services 

2. Annual Chanukah Bowl,Chanukah Oil Factory, 

3. Purim Megillah reading and celebration, Model Matzah Bakery 

4. Traditional Passover Seder, Lag Baomer Picnic

5. Shavuot Torah Factory,all night Shavuot study, Shavuot Ice Cream Party and the reading of the Ten Commandments, Friday night, Shabbat day and Sunday morning services followed by a parsha class, weekly children's classes, Guest Lecturers and more.

     Rabbi Mandel is available and makes regular visits to those who are hospitalized and in need of comfort. In addition, we make visits to local Jewish prisoners to provide religious and moral support.


Our newest launches!

    In November of 2005, we launched the local branch of the Jewish Learning Institute which has been an incredible success.

    In March of 2011 we opened a beautiful state-of-the-art Mikvah, Mikveh Divrei Yoel.