Kosher Food is available in Fort Worth at the following locations:

Trader Joes on Hulen carries a selection of fresh kosher meats and chicken. They also have Challa.

Tom Thumb on Hulen and Bellaire carries a a large aisle of packaged items as well as a frozen section with chicken, meat, pizza, gefilte fish, kishke, falafel, burekas, potatoes etc.

Costco on Overton Ridge carries Cholov Yisroel Muenster, Shredded Mozzarella and feta cheese.

Central Market on Hulen St. carry a small selection of dry and frozen goods. They sell the microwavable meals from Meal Mart.

For kosher catering in the area go to the link below for a full listing.

For more information on kosher establishments in the DFW area go to